Who We Are

We are a small family owned flower farm in central Iowa


Located on 50 acres, we offer beautiful specialty cut flowers and hybrid daylilies.

Our customers are GivingColor with every purchase


We believe flowers feed the soul, so why shouldn't they feed the world too?

Sustainable growing practices preserve the land


Our family lives and works on the farm, so we use sustainable growing practices.

We believe in being part of something bigger.


One of the big reasons we started our flower farm was to help make the world a better place. That's why we introduced GivingColor.

Meet the family

Lori Bochner


Lori has always loved growing flowers and finds it fascinating that each variety of flower is different yet beautiful in their own way.  She is responsible for marketing and strategic planning for the farm.  She feels blessed to be able to grow beautiful flowers and witness the joy they provide to others.  Photo credit:  Byron Jones Media

Jim Bochner


Jim is Director of Operations at the farm and a self-proclaimed daylily addict.  He is building a daylily hybridizing operation, and looks forward to propagating and introducing unique daylilies to the market.  He is responsible for all farm operations including soil, irrigation, and construction.  Photo credit:  Byron Jones Media

Nick Bochner


Nick is product quality manager at the farm and is also our entertainment director.  He is the first to crack a joke and keep things entertaining.  He has a passion for dahlias and can often be found in the fields tending to the stunning blooms.   He also provides the "muscle" for big jobs around the farm.  Photo credit:  Byron Jones Media